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With 20 plus years in TV Operations as a Traffic Manager, working at established companies such as 20 th Century Fox, Warner Bros., NBC Universal and KSCI/International Channel, Rita Carréon is the consummate entertainment professional.

Rita Carreon is the consummate entertainment professional. After twenty-plus years in TV operations as a traffic manager, working at established companies such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., NBC Universal, and KSCI/International Channel, she found her true calling in TV production, getting a running start as a segment producer on a daytime talk show pilot. Rita has since branched out to TV/film/digital/video production and post-production, specializing not only as a segment producer but also as associate producer, second assistant director, coordinator, assistant production office coordinator (APOC), scheduler, and production assistant.

Working alongside producers, executives, writers, directors, casting, and talent, Rita has experience on both sides of the spectrum in both network and cable broadcast as well as behind-the-scenes in TV/film production.

On the creative and playful front, Rita is pursuing the fun and exciting field of voiceover. Along with her combined years of experience in the entertainment industry, she has a true talent for storytelling and bringing out the most intriguing aspects of the human spirit. With her deep alto tone and unique voice, her specialties are in commercial, promotional, and literary voiceover as well as video, gaming, and online. In addition, Rita not only has a passion for all types of music but is also a vocalist, having been being trained at the California Institute of the Arts in vocal performance.

An uncanny ability to connect with others makes her a refreshing contributor and asset to any project or team. Whether it’s behind the scenes in TV or film, in operations, production, or post-production, or in voiceover or singing, having Rita on board helps keeps things a little more grounded.

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